Disha is an endeavor to transform education by imparting indigenous knowledge & helping children become independent learners with appreciation & incorporation of local knowledge system.

The program uses local environment and resources as pedagogical tools with a view to redefine the rural urban networks of knowledge, economy and lifestyle, to imbibe sustainability.

The target group identified:

Young students of local schools in the semi-urban areas between the 1st standard and 5th standard. The reasons of this selection are mainly:

> they are receptive,

>  in the formative years of their growth when they can be maximum impacted, and

> they are very new learners of basic skills like math and language and need innovative engaging techniques for making a stronger foundation

> the core values and cultural associations can be easily drawn with this age group

> they can be given more long term inputs to bring in basic changes in the future communities.

What is DISHA addressing?

The present urban system of education has slowly alienated the kids in the schools from our culture and values. More painfully, the educational framework and its relationship with the mostly urban-based livelihood options have distanced the students from the local culture, trades, skills, art, music and other inherent knowledge-base. And this results in a future generation not at all ready for local livelihoods and not contributing to local sustainable development.

DISHA: How it can be a Solution!

SMBC with Drishtee’s support plans to add the elements of a holistic system of education for semi-urban and also gradually to the rural schools. This is to enable the young students with a deep connect to local trades and entrepreneurship and empower them for being self-reliant with a respect as well as hands-on knowledge of local skills, trades and resources. There are many local opportunities and new innovation ideas that are possible if the new generation is well educated with a good capacity of Language proficiency, Mathematical skills, as well as Hand-skills. DISHA program is conceptualized as an education that can seed the values like truth, self-reliance and respect for others including local trades and village environment. It is envisioned that the children with such education can grow to develop a sustainable community in future.

Impact :

Currently successfully implemented in two schools of Naujheel block of Mathura district, i.e. at a distance of approximately 150 km’s by road from Delhi.

Impact can be understood in terms of learning outcomes achieved in the activity based learning, teachers trained through the project.