About Us

Drishtee is a social enterprise that enables the community access to critical services and products, market linkages or channel support, Capital as well as Capacity Building support to the rural micro-entrepreneurs as well as community at large.

Drishtee identifies and creates a number of “milkman routes” in a given district. Through each route, it caters to a minimum of 20 – 25 villages. As a social enterprise, Drishtee works towards creating an impact in villages by creating an eco-system of micro-enterprises run by entrepreneurs with a specific focus on women. We identify a number of potential entrepreneurs and train them on the specific skill sets required. In each route, Drishtee provides a sound kiosk-based platform to deliver services such as Health, Education, Banking, Micro-finance, and livelihood services such as rural BPOs along with opportunities to provide market access and linkages for physical products such as eyeglasses, mobile phones and agricultural products.

For each franchisee and micro-enterprise, Drishtee implements various components for integrating the module in the existing eco-system. These include community sensitisation; needs assessment; service customisation; community mobilisation;promoting and initiating transactions and setting up back end processes and infrastructure.

Drishtee’s implementation strategy rests on the core supply chain model it creates. Once the route is economically viable, many critical services that have a positive social impact can ride on the same infrastructure.

Drishtee’s 4 C Approach

An Integrated and Comprehensive approach around the 4Cs works as a major strength of Drishtee. The 4C framework comprises of:

    • Community – Understanding needs, Inspire, Induct & create joint ownership & synergies.
    • Capacity – Build, Create or Enhance capacity relevant to available opportunities
    • Capital– Organize capital that may be required, particularly for entrepreneurial ventures
    • Channels – Create linkages (both Backward and Forward) for aggregation & market support