Salary range

Gram Vidushi Fellowship

The Gram Vidushi Fellow will be responsible for the creation stage of Vatika(village unit) by identifying, inducting and activating all the required stakeholders(petals) in the Vatika.

Rs 15,500+Rs 4,500 (Travel reimbursement)

Vidushi Fellowship

The Vidushi Fellow will be responsible for the development stage of the Vatika by empowering the Swavlamban Samiti (Village advisory group) through capacity building and making all the other petals of the Vatika fully functional through intervention of the Swavlamban Samiti. Identification of the Vaibhavi (micro-enterprise groups) and Vasuki(mentors) will also be the responsibility of the Vidushi Fellow.

Rs 30,000-35,000 + Rs 5,000 (Travel reimbursement)

Maan Vidushi Fellowship

The Maan Vidushi will be responsible for the growth and profitability of all the business activities conducted by the Vaibhavi groups in the Vatika and take it to a level where they do not require the intervention of Drishtee anymore to function properly. 

Rs 50,000-70,000

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