Our Journey

Now that we look back, Drishtee has travelled a journey of more than two decades, since it was founded in 2000. The journey was full of bitter sweet moments-we encountered on the way challenges which helped us push our boundaries, our victories which motivated us to do more each day. This journey has been possible because of the millions of rural families who trusted us and like minded partners who supported us in our cause.

Milestones achieved on the way

2000 Drishtee History

Drishtee began as a technological solution provider in rural areas. This model pioneered an ICT Revolution which was later carried forward by the government.

2003 Registered

Drishtee Foundation registered as a society.

2007 Drishtee Recognised

Drishtee foundation recognised as an efficient last-mile distribution network for rural stores. In order to address capital linkages, we partnered with State Bank of India (SBI) and started e-banking kiosks.

2012 Adopted 4C Approach

We adopted the 4C approach - Community, Capacity, Capital and Channel for all our projects and initiatives.

2016 Swavlamban

We progressed from the role of a service provider to be an enabler and shifted our focus on empowering rural families instead just on individuals under our Flagship program, Swavlamban.