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Drishtee will be a different company a few years from now because you are going to change it for the better. We cannot wait to see where you take us and yourself in this journey of serving the community and society. The projects, services, and experiences that you decide to create for customers are the things that will define us.

Whether it’s a new project, rural service, socio-economic infra project, rural capacity building program, a way to save ours and stakeholders money, a technology that helps us transform to new entity, an idea how to be healthier while we work, a unique way of rural supply chain model, or something simple nobody’s thought of yet—we can’t wait to see what kind of future you choose to build at Drishtee.


Drishtee offers an unique opportunity to combine professional growth with social commitment and purpose. You will be engaging with a talent pool of passionate and highly qualified members. We are looking for talented youth who are passionate about the culture and would be interested in bringing a change in rural India.  

If you like to know more about the volunteering opportunities at Drishtee, write to us at: 


Fellows are carefully handpicked from prestigious Institutes of the country under The Drishtee Fellowship Programs. They undergo academic teaching and learning programs along with a leadership project assignment in different areas.

At Drishtee, we offer 2 different fellowship Programs

  • Vidushi Fellowship- Vidushi means ‘the learned one’ in sanskrit. In the fellowship, Vidushi acts as an enabler in Drishtee’s flagship Program Swavalamban. It gives them not just an opportunity to serve but also learn and grow with the community.
  • Varmani Fellowship – Varmani refers to the one who brings “abundance”. In this Fellowship Programme, Varmani nurtures happiness in the Vatikas by creating interdependence in rural value chains of Roti (Food), Kapda (Clothes) and Makaan (Housing).