MadhuKrishi, a social venture of Drishtee, is a platform that connects marginal women farmers with urban consumers through fresh and healthy vegetables delivered directly from the villages to their home or office. The benefits of the connection experienced between farmer and consumer will lead to a sense of shared prosperity for both.

Continued Detail Information:

The Challenge – The growing gap between rural producers and urban consumers

The producer – consumer relationship has fractured over time because of the numerous intermediaries involved in handling farm produce and because of the demand for non-seasonal and non-local produce. The farmer never meets the consumer who enjoys the fruits of their labour and the consumer never meets the farmer who sows, grows, nurtures and harvests the produce that the consumer eats. Since the farmer and the consumer do not know each other, there is little sense of responsibility towards one another, making it an opaque transactional arrangement between them.

Our Approach – The MadhuKrishi Platform will attempt to bridge this growing gap between rural producers and urban consumers MadhuKrishi wishes to transform the current opaque and transactional arrangement between the rural producer and urban consumer into an increasingly transparent and vibrant relationship. The MadhuKrishi Platform will help connect urban women consumers with the marginal women farmers who have sown, grown, nurtured and harvested produce for them, thereby giving the urban women consumers their own virtual kitchen garden in the village.

We hope that the MadhuKrishi Platform will encourage rural producers and urban consumers to interact, appreciate and connect at many planes other than just vegetables. In doing so, they will help and support each other as one big family, resulting in shared prosperity for all the stakeholders.

By March 2020, we aim to work with 3,400 marginal women farmers and have a base of 21,500 urban subscribers.