Title : Momo Rangoli : The women shop

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The Women Shop is not only a shop but a space for Women- where they find health, beauty and vibrance through products, services, training and opportunities. Rangoli provides a strong livelihood opportunity for the shopkeeper. The overall aim is to build Rangoli as a model to empower and inspire other women to seek opportunities for development and an improved standard of living.

Continued detailed information (300 words) ( covering the problem , approach , impact created , and vision for future)

    • Problem: Women in rural areas face access, affordability, awareness and availability issues. Particularly in areas of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and other areas of the Central and North Eastern India, these issues are pronounced, coupled with deep rooted socio-economic conditioning, hampering the development of women. To ensure that women from these marginalized communities have access to, are aware about and can avail services and products that are specifically sold by the women and are for the women; the concept of Momo Rangoli was operationalized. It meant that women would no longer have to depend on their husbands to buy something that is specifically of their use and would no longer have to wait for what they would like to buy. An aim of Momo Rangoli was also t counter the awkwardness and taboo that women face when they or their daughters had to buy from a village shop, generally run by a male.
    • Approach: To counter these problems faced by women, we decided to set up retail stores that would be run by women and would supply all products that women use. We had focused group discussions with countless women from many villages before we received participatory enrolment in each village from women entrepreneurs who were willing to start their Momo Rangoli shops.
    • Impact Created: As of date, we have 40 Momo Rangoli shops set up by women in 40 villages catering to more than 4000 women customers with a product range of more than 3000 products. Each of these women increased their household income by 30%. There are more than 3500 products that are sold at these stores and women use efficient accounting as well as mobile apps to account for their sales.
    • Vision for Future: 250 more shops to be opened in coming year along with addition of more products and services.