Rural Entrepreneurs

Rural India is perceived as the proverbial elephant which is understood differently by varied stakeholders. To ride this elephant an institution must befriend it and understand it. The 600,000 villages in India are home to more than a million communities. Across the Globe, there are in excess of 2 million such groups of families who are interdependent on each other. They have a different way of living their life. It\’s different from us as they are beyond individuals and families. They share more and therefore are more composed, compassionate, creative and they are willing to collaborate with you. Their love and sharing has no boundaries. They be less affluent but have no dearth of resources around them.

Drishtee has friends today in 6000 villages. The warmth of these relationships keep our fire burning deep within. These friends of Drishtee are waiting to embrace you as well and make you a part of their family.