Intern for Insurance Product Analysis for Rural India

Organization Name: Drishtee

Organization Description: Drishtee is a social organisation working with rural communities in 6000 villages across India, we have an extensive presence in Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar, with few initiatives in parts of Rajasthan, West Bengal, Orissa, M.P., Maharashtra, Haryana, Karnataka, Uttarakhand and other North Eastern states.Drishtee aims to develop and nurture 500,000 sustainable rural enterprises in the next 5 years, the partnership is with local communities and in collaboration with other stakeholders. To accomplish the objective of formation of enterprises Drishtee requires to play the role of a facilitator for community building within the villages, this entails a continuous and holistic understanding of rural landscape for sustainable development of enterprises and possibilities of forging partnerships.



Progress and development of villages is possible only when families realise and accept the value (intangible & tangible) of coming together as a community for fulfilling their basic common needs. It is important that they recognise that their economic unsustainability may have external influence but the core of the solution lies in their aggregation.

Drishtee is relying on the willingness of rural families to commit, invest, and contribute towards this common cause of unification and working towards their own empowerment.

When the village embarks on the path of organising themselves, the focus is on identifying their core needs, existing skill set and resource requirements. These would be broadly – capacity needs (training & development, design, management , planning & structuring), capital needs (human capital, financial) and channel needs (marketing, networking, linkages)  for accessing global markets.

Drishtee analyzes these needs and connects with relevant stakeholders such as local government, civil society organisations and CSR of large corporations seeking partnership support on behalf of the community organisations.


Sectors Addressed:

Agriculture and allied services



Beauty and Wellness

Banking and Finance

Tourism and Hospitality





Vision: Drishtee envisions a world where all communities are empowered to achieve shared prosperity.

Mission: To facilitate development of rural community organizations and delivery of business services to demonstrate a mode of of sustainable living on the planet.

*Community Organization: An organized & registered collective of groups, where members are open to share resources & responsibilities in order to achieve sustainable common wellbeing.


Organisation Website:

Organisation Address (Head Office):

Drishtee Development & Communication Ltd.

108, First Floor,

H-15, Rise Tower, Sector 63, Noida – 201307,

Uttar Pradesh, India. Telephone: +91-120-4661000


Internship Opportunity Details

Project Name: Insurance Product Analysis for Rural India

Job Title: Intern for Insurance Product Analysis for Rural India

Job Function: Research & Analysis, Insurance

Language Requirements: English and Hindi


Description of Opportunity


What is the specific Project? To facilitate and support our Financial Inclusion function, this project aims at discovering the best suitable Insurance Product/Plan/Scheme for rural India, in terms of suitability, affordability, time quotient, risks involved, etc.


What is its goal? To work in alignment with the vision of Drishtee.


What tasks will you want her/him to do?

The main responsibility is to discover the best insurance product for Rural India by :


  1. Researching the plethora of Insurance products online.
  2. Analysing their suitability in respect of Drishtee’s target customers. (Need Assessment)
  3. Meet with the potential Insurance partners for exploring opportunities.
  4. Categorise the various insurance products/plans and arrive at a list of key insurance products which aligns best with Drishtee’s CSP/Customer.


Why is this important to your organization?  This project is important as it’s successful application and implementation will support in Drishtee’s initiatives for revenue generation.

Desired Skills and Expertise


  1. Education requirements: Graduate in any stream
  2. Relevant Experience: Minimum 6 months in insurance sector.
  3. Skills & interests: Good Communication Skill (Reading & writing), Good understanding and knowledge of Insurance products, Excellent Analytical skills, Penchant for research and analysis, Keen interest in Rural India.
  4. Essential/Mandatory: Working knowledge of MS word, MS Excel, Analytical skill.



Location: Noida, U.P.

Address : BSI Business Park, H-15, First Floor, Suite -107 & 108, Sector – 63, Noida, U.P. – 201307


Number of Candidates for the Opportunity: 2

Opening Date: 01/04/2018

Closing Date: 15/04/2018

Preferred Date of Joining: 1/5/2018


Estimated Time Commitment (Hours per Week): 45 Hours

Estimated duration of project : 1-3 Month(s)


Stipend: 2000 per month

Certificate: Applicable upon successful completion of internship tenure.

Mentoring and consistent support by the team.

Application Process: Interested candidates to email their resume with a covering letter to