What is Ekyam ?

Ekyam is a sustainable value based concept for Community Happiness. Ekyam is a sanskrit word meaning “one-ness”. We believe each individual has the potential to blossom to their true potential when one aligns to a collective good. Sharing & taking responsibility are at the core of Ekyam, which begins from feeling abundance within and leads to co-creating abundance outside.
Ekyam enables local action through a series of theme based events, which lead to solving problems, sharing resources and creating abundance. The themes are based on selected SDGs around Health, Education, Sustainability and Responsibility. Within villages, in towns and also in mega cities, groups would engage in these activities through online platforms, neighbourhood meetings, satsangs and symposiums.
As a global platform, Ekyam connects local action to global challenges by enabling co-learning, collaboration and cooperation, thus creating oneness. Ekyam reflects our collective identity, by making each individual a unique stakeholder in its vision of a happier world.

Core Values of Ekyam

We Share

Sharing can happen in many ways by sharing our time, resources, food, skills, stories, needs and much more. It can be as simple yet profound as sharing a good thourgh or even our blessings.

We take

Taking responsibility expands our circle of belonging ness. When we start taking responsibility for the happiness of people around us, we sustain our own happiness.

We take
Collective Action

Together we can create and celebrate abundance. Collective Action brings together the strengths and resilience of everyone in a group to achieve a collective purpose.

Ekyam enables action for


Collective action for Knowledge Creation & Sharing through amalgamation of local knowledge & innovation.

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Sustainable Cities &

Collective action to support positive economic, social and environmental links between urban, per-urban and rural areas through social entrepreneurship

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Health & Wellbeing

Collective action for individual and community health through physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing by inclusion of best practices on nutrition, lifestyle, sports, creative arts, other art forms, etc.

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Responsible Consumption
and Production

“Prosumer Ecosystems: Act like a consumer, think
like a producer Making in Rural India”

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Ekyam is a Social Platform for Collective Action

Ekyam platform enables collective local action through a series of theme based activities, which lead to solving problems, sharing resources and creating abundance.

What is a Collective Action?
An action which brings together the strengths of a group for a collective purpose that leads to solving problems and creating abundance in their community.
Who takes the Collective Action?
If you are a volunteer group ( RWA, associations, youth groups, neighbourhoods etc.) or would like to form a group for taking collective action, we would encourage you to be a part of Ekyam Journey.
Where are you taking these actions?
In a local community within your district, e.g. neighbourhood, with a group of friends, nearby village etc.
How can I engage on Ekyam Platform?
Share your work and connect with like minded people both at local and global level, co-learn, collaborate and cooperate to solve global challenges at local level.

Are you interested in creating a change in your community?

Abundance Cafe

“Abundance Cafe is a social gathering event for a small community (10-20 people) to celebrate their local culture by sharing food, music, stories etc about their culture. It can be hosted by anyone in their community preferably in an open community space like a park, garden etc.”

Host an Abundance Cafe